The Karoo embraces humanity. It allows us to move from within ourselves. It teaches us to express ourselves.

Karoo spectacle frames resemble this beauty.
We love optical frames – and we love when it resonates
with the beauty of someone’s face.

There is no exact definition of what constitutes the Karoo, and therefore its extent is also not precisely defined.
We want to draw from this mystery and carry some of it in our frames
– that our collection is more like a ‘wide open space’ than a defined closed structure.

We enjoy blending
Karoo contours and
colours with designs
that ‘frame’ the eyes.
From a subtle
blend of brown on
light blue to a deep red-
maroon; shiny black to
crystal with matt white temples.

For Us It Is Finding Inspiration From the Karoo To Create

Pieces of art that you can wear.

Creating these pieces is an ongoing process and we invite you to share
your thoughts and ideas on new colours and designs.

Our first collection was inspired by the Karoo and grounds us. Our very talented photographer,
Emmelyn van Zanten, captured these beautiful images on a small farm outside Aberdeen.
These images both inspire and ground us as we continue to develop new ranges of spectacle frames.
You can follow us on Instagram where we want to celebrate beauty
and find further inspiration to continue creating Karoo Eyewear.

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